The Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) wishes to inform the general public that, the regulatory services of the Commission remain accessible to its stakeholders during this period of an outbreak of the COVID-19 otherwise known as Coronavirus.  However, in line with Government directive on public sector operations, the following measures are being undertaken by the Commission to reduce person to person contact as much as practicable in order to curtail the spread of this worldwide deadly virus.

  • The general public and our key stakeholders are encouraged to reduce the rate of walk-ins to the Commission’s offices but rather contact us on other means such as telephone, email, WhatsApp and others social media platforms.
  • Running water with soap and hand sanitizers are provided at the Commission’s offices for visitors to thoroughly wash their hands before and after entering the office.
  • Handshakes are strictly NOT allowed between staff members and the visiting public within this period.
  • Stakeholder meetings have all been suspended until otherwise determined by the prevailing situation. However, crucial meetings can be held via the internet and other available teleconferencing platforms.
  • All preventive protocols communicated by the relevant Government Agencies are being observed by Board, Management and staff of PURC.

The Commission reiterates its commitment in ensuring quality electricity and water services delivery in this trying times.

Contact us on:
Toll Free: 0800 100 700
Head Office: 0302 244 181-3
WhatsApp: 0540 126 201
Facebook: PURC Ghana
Twitter: @PURC_Ghana
All our regional offices contact details are provided on the website

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