Tariff Education at Takoradi Technical University (TTU)

The Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC), on July 25, 2023, conducted an informative session at Takoradi Technical University (TTU). The aim of this interaction was to educate students of the University on the PURC tariff process and to enhance the students understanding of how utility tariffs are determined and regulated in Ghana.

Students from various departments of the University including Engineering, Economics, and Business Administration attended the event. The session,  which was delivered by the Executive Secretary of PURC, Dr. Ishmael Ackah, began with an introduction to the role and functions of PURC in monitoring and regulating utility tariffs in Ghana. The students were given a comprehensive overview of the tariff-setting process, which involved evaluating cost drivers of utility service providers, conducting public hearings, and considering public input for decision making.

The students eagerly participated, seeking clarification on various aspects of the tariff process, including the role of stakeholders, the impact of tariffs on consumers, and the importance of considering affordability and sustainability.

In addition to the theoretical knowledge shared, the students were provided with practical examples of calculating a customer's electricity and water consumption using the PURC Tariff Reckoner and case studies to help them understand the complexities of determining utility tariffs. Students were also taken through PURC’s Electricity Consumption Estimator (an application developed by PURC for the determination of appliance use and computation of applicable tariffs and cost). Participants were shown real-life examples of how PURC conducts cost reviews and public consultations to ensure a fair and balanced tariff structure.

The session concluded with a reminder to the students about the importance of being informed and actively engaging in discussions on tariff-related matters. Dr. Ackah emphasized the need for young professionals to be aware of the tariff process and its implications on the economy of the country.

The students expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to learn directly from PURC and gain insights into a critical aspects of Ghana's utility sector. Many stated they felt more confident in understanding tariff-related issues and would actively participate in future discussions.

Overall, the session proved to be a valuable learning experience for the students of Takoradi Technical University. By equipping them with knowledge about the tariff process, PURC has empowered them to become informed citizens and potential future leaders in Ghana's utility sector. Present at the forum were officials from the Western Regional Office of the Electricity Company of Ghana.


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