PURC Approves Zero Increment in Electricity & Water Tariffs for Lifeline Customers

The Public Utilities Regulatory Commission, would like to address misconceptions emanating from a section of the public with respect to its recently announced quarterly tariff decisions for electricity and water. The review saw an upward adjustment in electricity tariff by 4.22% and water tariff by 1.18%.

The Commission, wishes to emphasize to the general public that, this increment in electricity tariff of 4.22% is only applicable to residential consumers whose consumption is beyond 30kWh (that is 0-300kWh; 301-600kWh; 601+kWh). All other customer categories will experience no change in their tariffs. Specifically, Lifeline consumers (0-30kWh), hair dressing salons, cold stores, chop bar operators. barbering salons, tailoring shops, hotels, together with all other small-scale enterprises and industrial customers are exempt from this upward review.

With respect to water, consumers whose consumption falls within 0-5 cubic meters will also have their rates maintained, thereby experiencing no increment (0%) in their water tariffs, beginning September 1, 2023.

The recent increment in tariffs of 4.22% for electricity and 1.18% for water is geared towards encouraging industrialisation and to help bridge the gap in cross subsidization between the industrial and residential classes.

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