Abukari Jabaru is a Ghanaian professional with a diverse background in psychology, political science, and public affairs. He obtained his B.A (Hons) in Psychology with Political Science and M.A (Hons) in Public Affairs as well as Masters of Laws (Alternative Dispute Resolution) from the University of Ghana. He also earned a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) Degree from Mouncrest University College in 2019. Abukari Jabaru has undertaken professional development programs including Utility Regulation and Strategy (University of Florida, USA); Leadership and Result Based Management in Public Sector (International Centre for Capacity Development, Canada); Advanced Strategic Management and Dispute Resolution and Complaints Management (London Corporate Training, UK). He has participated in various foreign and local courses/trainings and has been a guest speaker, facilitator, and instructor at international and local conferences. He is recognized as an affable, virtuous, and hardworking individual dedicated to the service of humanity. 

His career includes serving as the Regional Manager for 
the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) in both the Northern and Greater Accra regions. He played a key role in establishing regional offices, training regional managers, and currently holds the position of Director, Regional Operations and Consumer Services. Additionally, Jabaru is a member of the Ghana Association of Certified Mediators and Arbitrators (GHACMA) and served as a governing member of the Ghana Energy Commission from 2017 to 2021.

Jabarus leadership roles extend to chairing the Technical and Licensing Committee of the Ghana Energy Commission (2017 to 2021) and serving on various committees within both the Ghana Energy Commission and PURC. He also led the unionization process of the PURC staff union, securing the first-ever Collective Agreement for unionized staff. Jabaru has actively contributed to the development and submission of advisory papers, guidelines, codes, manuals, and standard operating procedures in the energy sector

  • Position: Director, Regional Operations & Consumer Services
  • Name: Alhaji Jabaru Abukari