Mr. Ebo Quagrainie holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Degree from Yale College New Haven CT. USA and is an expert in Software Engineering. He was a Principal Engineer at the New York Power Authority and undertook corrective and preventive maintenance on power plants including the Niagara Falls Plant and the Indiana Point Nuclear Plant in Oswego New York.

Mr. Quagrainie worked as the Head of IT Department at the Continental Acceptances Merchant Bank (now CAL Bank) where he designed the first Network of Computers and built the first indigenous Banking Software for CAL Bank. He also worked as a Systems Engineer at British Telecom New York where he designed and maintained software for Trading Systems for the Banks.

Mr. Quagrainie has also served on the board of Ghana Civil Aviation and was the chairman of the Finance Committee of the Board that secured a loan to execute the Phase II project of the airport expansion and upgrade system.

He is currently the Director for Technical Services at Savvytech Ghana Limited, an Engineering Consultancy Company specializing and providing services to the Mining, Power and Petroleum industries in the areas of Filtration, Electrical and Electro Mechanical Engineering.

  • Position: CHAIRMAN